Hex Conversion

What did she say?, I head Beta say.

Okay, don’t get too excited yet.

Right, stay calm.

Sunday, Sunday. What am I doing Sunday?

Nothing, you’re doing nothing. You’re not watching a Doctor Who marathon, you’re not playing Runebound, you’re not clipping your toenails.

Of course not. I’m just making sure there was nothing important going on.

“Sunday, I’m free Sunday. Why?” I replied, calmly.

“I was wondering..” she started.

Yes, yes. The pause seemed so long. Well it seemed like a pause, it probably was a one second pause.

“Could you pick me up from the airport?” she asked.


“Sure, no problem.” I was trying to work this out.

“Great. I’ve got to get going, but I’ll send you the flight information.” with that she headed out my office.

Airport! I thought it was going to be asking you on a date.

“Look, it will still work out.” as I turned back to my computer.


“Because we will be away from the office. No interruptions. I can ask her on a date.”

Good thinking. Without my help.

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