Never learned how to wink

She couldn’t help but be drawn in by his eyes. They were just so warm and brown and inviting. She tried to focus on her hand of cards. It wasn’t good. She couldn’t make a thing of it. But she couldn’t have him thinking she was stupid, or that she couldn’t play poker. There had to be a hand somewhere in that mess of cards. She just desperately wanted to be anything to please him, because there wasn’t a single thing about him she didn’t like. But they had known each other so long, and what if he loved her like a sister? That wouldn’t be good. She just had to know, she just had to find out. His teeth were just so white and his voice sounded so masculine and assuring. Then, as if she saw it in a hallucination, he looked straight into her eyes and winked. She melted. Maybe she was reading too much into it, but that was all she needed. She knew they were on the same page. If only she knew how to wink!

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