Too Bad I Lost My Favorite Pants

Charlie felt his heart pound with fear. He couldn’t pull any farther into the hole. The man now had him by a belt loop of his pants. The ogre-man would get him.

He wedged his left hand as far into a crevice as he could and frantically undid his trousers. Just in time. The ogre-man jerked hard at his belt loop. The man fell back, taking Charlie’s pants with him.

Now the monster of a man had a hold of his pants, but their cuffs were still stuck around Charlie’s shoes. He kicked his feet and freed one of them, losing a shoe with the motion.

He heard the ogre-man cry in frustration. Before he could get caught again, Charlie kicked his other foot and the pants came loose. He scurried as fast as he could deeper into the cave.

There was no way that the man could follow him now.

Too bad I lost my favorite pants. Charlie thought as he continued to crawl in the dark crevice. The cave was a lot larger then he had thought. He could faintly see a glow in the distance as he continued to move into the expanding cave.

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