Who Knows?

“Whoa! She accepted that apology quickly!” Sam said.

“Yeah, I know isn’t it great? But you know, even though I like her, I am not so sure I like her enough to, you know, make a serious relationship out of this.” I surprised myself by saying this, but is was what I was feeling! “Maybe a few dates, then, I might end it with her! Who knows?”

“You are such an idiot! Who knows? Why are you acting so high and mighty? She is a great girl and you went through so much trouble to get her back and now you are thinking of dumping her!?” Sam was completey horrified, he looked like he had just seen a monster!

“Why are you getting so defensive? You never stay with a girl for a long time. Hey, you have never even lasted with a girl for more then two months. You suck at dating. Why are you being so edgy?” I asked him.

“Dude, Chloe is such a great girl. She is smart and funny and cute! What’s not to like?”

“Hold on, are you saying you like Chloe?”

“Hey, I never said that. Just don’t hurt her.”Then he left.

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