Mud Bath

Ever get the feeling that mothers have psychic powers? That they see into the future? Today my mom told me to put on my rain boots, but of course I went against her. And it wasnt due to misguided teenage rebellion or anything, it was just that it wasnt raining,outside was beautiful! In my opinion she was being overcautions because it had rained yesterday.

Anyway, so im walking to school and I see my crush. He is an absolute hottie! Unfortunately he probably thinks im this uber loser because I cant talk around him (i get nervous), but have probably drooled a few times.

So as I was saying, I am walking to school when BAM I see him talking to his friends right in front of the school entrance. In my perfect world he would have been waiting for me,but alas, in the real world he isnt.

So basically I fix my hair, put on some lip gloss,and got mentally prepared to use the pavement as my personal catwalk.I was strutting my stuff when I tripped. Guess where I landed?

I was facedown in the mud.

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