Yet Another twist

“So we have a deal?” Shawn asked, standing up. He streched out a hand to help Ravyn help.

“Yes, we do.” Ravyn replied grabbing his hand.

“We can leave next week if you want.” Shawn said. “I think I will have enough money to buy tickets then. Plus there isn’t as much tourists there in a few weeks, so its not like we won’t be able to get tickets.”

“I can buy my own!” Ravyn cut in.

“Oh, ok then. But can you do me one favor?” Shawn asked. He had the look of a child that knew he was going to do something bad, but didn’t want to admit it. Ravyn looked at him, a little nervous This guy had already tricked her once…What else could he do?

“What, dare I ask?” Ravyn said.

“Well, first maybe you would like to get something to eat. Not a date or anything! You know, just something to eat. I’m starving, I haven’t had food since the plane ride over here.”

What?” Ravyn asked again.

“Oh, um… Well, I can’t find a hotel or anything. So can I, you know…” Shawn said.

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

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