All Creatures Great and Small [Part of "Five Years Later: A Simon Story"]

In the world-within-a-world, Simon felt the rush as his creatures heard his call. And they came. All things bright and beautiful, great and small, wise and wonderful surged toward Him. They soared through skies, crawled over lands, and swam through seas.

As they reached each world, they left the old one behind in shambles, an avalanche of lost dreams caving in on itself. Any creatures who had not dared to meet their Master perished in the Great Fall. Entire inner-world species were lost forever.

With a crashing thud, the final world imploded. Simon and His creatures emerged into the netherworld, face-to-face with Lucifer himself.

Who they completely recognized, clothed as he was in a Simon suit.

“My Lord and Master,” they fell as one, saluting Him in their own ways. “Command me as you will.”

Simon, dazed from his own emergence, shook the astonishment away. “I am your lord!” Simon shouted, only to feel his own Creators’ disappointment when His creatures failed to listen.

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