The real thang

She let herself into the back door. The dogs looked at her, no barking. Good. She tip-toed through the kitchen into the powder room, closed the door turned on the light. The red dress was spectacular! It looked luscious with her size DDD breasts. Breasts this size made woman look fat-not her. She slid the dress over her head. The wig came off. Her dread locks sprang out to greet her. She smiled. Her breasts bounced back free to breathe. She stood & looked in the mirror. She rocked his world. A few minutes, he won’t remember a thing -except a warm feeling & smile. The garter belt still in place,she dragged it off her wide hips with the shoes. Sitting on the toilet edge she closed her eyes. The dew-dropped flower was a great touch. Looking at her naked body, she winked. Grabbing her old terry robe, she opened the door. In the kitchen, she began breakfast. Shortly, the family came downstairs. “Babe,I had the strangest dream!” Her husband said “Wow! I am sore and happy! Kiss?” The stuff worked.

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