Demon Love (sentence challenge)

Don’t mess with me, I’m a demon!” I shouted at her, anger making me blush. She just laughed and crossed her arms, taking care not to crush her black wings as she leaned against the wall. My arms prickled, “Stop mocking me, Madison!” My horns pushed through the skin on my forehead, always a strange feeling. At least we were alone this time.

She just smiled, revealing her fangs. “Oh, you insist on using human names, Matthew?” she purred, running a hand through her jet black hair, down her other, unearthly pale arm. I shoved my hands in my pockets.

“That’s beside the point, you have to stop doing this. We can’t do this up here. It’s against regulation, you know that!” She tilted her head back and laughed, laughed! I shuddered with rage, red wings pushing their way out of my back. I shrieked.

“Now, now, Matt, keep it down!” She put a finger to her smirking lips, “I know all that, but really… we can keep it a secret.” I shook my head, no. “Oh come on… you loved me in Hell.”

But nobody knew why.”

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