i can’t say I’m in love. i thought u loved me but i guess i was wrong. i thought u thought about me at night before u went to sleep. even though we just met i thought we had a connection. we both write. we both like rock music. we both like to run. i thought u knew how i felt about u. but u couldn’t take a hint and u saw me as a distraction. im not a distraction. I’m a person. a broken person. u broke me and only u can fix me. but the only person u want to fix is her. ur best friend who doesn’t know how u feel about her. she wont ever know until u tell her. and when she finds out she wont feel the same way, and ull come crawling back to me. but i wont be waiting any longer. no, i will have moved on. there r so many ways to get over u. dancing helps me get over u. singing helps me get over u. talking helps me get over u. and i do those things every day, so i will get over u. it wont take that long. and then i wont be broken anymore. then u’ll be the broken one, and ill be fixed. but who’s gonna fix u?

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