the stepping stones of life - part 2

The night was going perfectly; a romantic song playing, Luke being a gentleman as he was slow dancing with me.
“Where’s the downside?” I thought to myself as my head rested gently on his chest and felt his big, warm hands wrapped around my waist.
I saw no downside. “Tonight is the night.” I thought to myself. I could see he was thinking that too.

It was my first time, Luke’s too, so we took it slowly. The dance was held in a plush hotel so it wasn’t an issue getting a room. I will always remember the number 425, the number of our room as this is where this story really starts.
Both of us staring into each other’s eyes; moving our heads slowly towards each other and starting with a gentle kiss, gradually moving to a more intense, passionate kiss. His hand was moving down my face and slowly reaching from under my shirt, up to my bra to undo the straps.

Anyway, as you can guess, one thing led to another and the next day was surprisingly not full of regret, but happiness and love.

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