808080 (Grey)

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.” as I pulled up Dreamweaver to work on the company’s web site.

We both know your track record with this sort of thing. You end up never asking them out. You become just a friend.

During my life, friends would enter and leave. They moved on, I moved on. I never had, or kept, close personal friendships. People were just there and in they end they always leave.

But with her, it felt different.

You never take things as black or white. You stick to staying in the middle. Going with the flow. That is your comfort zone. How you are.

He could go on and on for hours. In the end I knew the chain of events always occurred the same way. I start to like someone, and take no action about it.


This time it felt different.

For the rest of the day I could not get her out of my mind. Sunday was four days away, it felt like an eternity.

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