How strange, marvelous, and utterly weird a phenomenon.

One becomes fecund with life, unfolding a whole world of possibilities for the future of a new creature.
It originates as nothing more than a dot. Then grows a brain, a spine, a hand, a foot. Skin to feel, ears to hear, a heart to beat, a thumb to suck. Gossamer wings flutter in your belly.
And now you, the lucky mother-to-be, have this being inside you. This wonderful creature of your creation.

Growing and growing.

Inside of you.

Attached by love and an umbilical cord, to plunder your blood and energy. Spiriting away nutrients to grow into your new love. This being is living.


Birth brings it screaming into the world. Little feet kicking. Little hands grasping. Little eyes searching, searching for mommy. A breast to the mouth, it feeds. Always feeding from you. The gentle caress of tiny silken fingers on your skin. This sucking sycophant. Such a little miracle.

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