Late for class

You walk faster, running late, not that it will make much difference. Class started two minutes ago.

A car drives past, splashing muddy water upon your ankles, startling you and breaking your stride.

Maybe you should have paid for a closer parking spot, but rain is so infrequent here that you wouldn’t have thought it would be worth the added expense. It’s only on days like this that you begin to second guess yourself.

You hurry up the steps into the building and shake droplets from your umbrella as you enter. Perhaps you aren’t the only one running late?

As you slip into the back of the lecture hall, it becomes clear that you are the last to arrive. Maybe you can bluff your way through this.

“Good morning, class. Lovely weather we are having today, isn’t it?”

The students politely chuckle as you step behind the lectern. You reach for your notes, only to find… nothing there.

You left them on the passenger seat of the car.

Aren’t early Monday lectures grand?

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