Conversations with Dead People (A Challenge)

I’ve only ever tried to put forth a challenge once before and had fun with it. So when I hit the 100th ficlet milestone, I thought I’d try it again. But I couldn’t think of anything – mind. Total blank.

So I’m brushing my teeth this morning, and an old Buffy episode I loved popped in my brain. Not sure of the correlation between teeth brushing and dead people, but my mind is often strange and off-putting.

Anyway, here’s the challenge:

Have a conversation with someone who’s passed on. Could be someone IRL like a friend or relative, or a famous person – authors, movie stars, rock stars, whoever – or even someone who’s fictionally dead. Zombies count :)

Your convo can be about anything. It can be silly, or angsty, or angry, or emotional, or insightful. I don’t want to put many limits on your imaginations. So the only stipulation is that it must be between you and someone who is dead. Doesn’t have to be strictly dialogue either.

I’m anxious to see what you creative folks do :) Will pick a winner eventually.

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