One Vampire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love

A growl was building in my chest as I watched him circle me, my hackles were raised and I crouched in a threatening position. “Do you honestly believe I came here to fight?” the man was walking around, circling me. “Come on cousin it’s like you don’t know me at all.” His british accent was apperent, I growled a thunderous reply. “Well I guess we could fight,” as he said that he lept into the air, changing, when he was finished he landed lightly on four paws. His dark grey color blended well with the fading light. I growled raising my upper lip over my canines. The male sprung, staright for my throat, I lightly hopped out of the way. He skidded past and came back, but I was already runing, running with the speed only I had.

It was miles before I reached the edge of the woods. Stepping out into the light, the other stopped at the trees staying in hiding, I let the light of my transformation flicker.

“You wouldn’t!” He snarled. My light kept flickering human body parts became aparent.

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