End of the Line

Bill couldn’t help but sigh at the guards outside. Brand new uniforms, already wrinkled, stuffed with the saddest looking ex-cons he’d seen outside of prison. Not the scary kind of ex-cons, either. These guys exuded failure – they couldn’t make it in normal and criminal life, and now they were stuck standing guard in front of this run down office complex, home to failing and dubious businesses. His destination was in the second category, a front for his “friend” Mike.
Bill really didn’t want to be here, but this was the last stop on a long line of potential jobs, all the others dismal failures. The guards just served as yet another reminder of how close he was to being in their place, what could happen if this didn’t pan out.
He stepped into what passed for an office, a haggard secretary behind the desk that looked like she would be more at home in the streets.
“He’ll see you now.” She didn’t look up from her computer.
He walked into the next room, only to find a gun in his face.
“Hello, Bill.”

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