Keep It middle and average!

We live at a time when we want the world to think we are super loaded. Even if it means stealing peoples identity to do so. Last month there was an expose article in a magazine. about two kids, who would stop at nothing, to prove to the world, they were rich. Even if it meant it was obtained through fraud and theft. The “American Dream” became thier American nightmare. They got caught, obviously, You don’t screw people over so you can get to Brazil, snap photos, upload on the net, and not get caught.

Why is it so important to be super wealthy. This rediculous consumer frenzy world we live in, it’s insane. Why is impressing people so important? Who are they anyway? Why must they be so impressed by us? Why is Hollywood and the Celebs making us feel forced, to live like them,or come dangerously close.

Since when is being middle class and average, such a boring and shameful place to be? This country was founded on hard working middle and working class people! I think we should keep it that way!

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