A Ghostly Appearance

Brandie could here the creek of foot steps on the floor getting closer to her door. She hid far under the covers and waited. What is coming? she thought to her self
Suddenly the footsteps reached her door and a faint light shown underneith the door. Slowly… The door knob turned and the door opened. Fear struck Brandie as the faint light lit the dark room. She tried to get out of bed, but she was stuck….

Brandie screamed as loud as she could but nothing came out. The faint light was in the shape of a figure now and drawing closer to her bed side. WHERE DID YOU TAKE HIM ??! HE WAS MINE ! Whispered the faint ghostly figure of a girl that Brandie saw to be about the same age as her self. Brandie faintly replied, ” Who? Who? DO you want?! I have taken no one from you!” James…. Oh, James why did he have to die?!

The faint light then faded away and the door closed just as if nothing had ever happend. Brandie ran to her parents room and told them of her frightening event.

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