The Final Decison

I was nervous,terrified and ecstatic at the same time.I’d been in court a couple times but this was the last time I had to appear. Today would be the final decision.
“You nervous?”Emily asked me.
No.” I said,sarcastically. “I’m just dandy.
Emily laughed a little.”Me too.”
Kevin smiled at us.”It’s going to be OK.”
When I saw my Uncle again I thought I was going to have to run away.He didn’t look scary or anything, he was never a scary looking guy. There was no warmth in his face,no emotions as if he didn’t care about anything.
“Wes!”Joe hissed.”You’re crushing my hand!”
I looked down and realized that I had tightened my grip on Joe’s hand and it took some serious effort on my part to let go.”Sorry.” I mumbled.
The Jonas Brothers and Mr. and Mrs.Jonas were called to the stand. They talked about how good they would be for me and how Mrs. Jonas would homeschool me.
James protested that I needed a stable home with a real school and people that weren’t in the constant attention of the media.

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