Don't Take Her Away

I sat quietly as everyone told their opinions on where Wesley was to go. Finally, they called me up to the stand.

“Miss Emily Rice, please come forward.” My hands began to tremble.

“In your opinion, do you think Denise and Kevin Jonas take good care of their children?”

“Yes,” I shakily replied, “very good care.”

“I understand that you and Wesley have been living with the Jonas family for over two weeks now.”


“Has the Jonas family provided food, clothing, a stable home?”


“Have you noticed any mental or emotional problems or disorders in Denise, Kevin, or any of their sons?”

“Absolutely not. They’re wonderful people.”

“Have they hit or abused you in any way?”

“Ofcourse not!” I said rather loudly, shocked at the question. “The past two weeks,” I said, “have been the best two weeks of my life. I love Mr. and Mrs. Jonas, and their sons. And I love Wesley. We all do. We’ve become a family. Please don’t take her away from us.”

A tear ran down my cheek.

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