Like Some Hooligan

The lawyer for Uncle James asked Emily about her peculiar hair color.
“Objection!” the Jonas family lawyer cried. “Her hair color is irrelevant!”
“Overruled.” the judge said mildly. She nodded for James’ lawyer to continue.
“You dyed your hair pink, correct?” the lawyer asked.
“Yes, I did.” Emily answered, looking confused.
“During your time with the Jonas family, correct?”
“Yes, I did.” Emily said again.
“Do you see this, Your Honor?” the lawyer said, looking a bit smug. “The Jonas family allowed this young, impressionable girl to dye her hair an outrageous color, like some hooligan!”
I could see the horror on Emily’s face. I made a move to stand up, but Kevin shook his head slightly and I stopped. “She can handle it.” he whispered.
“Excuse me? May I say something, Your Honor?” Emily asked the judge.
She nodded. “Proceed.”
“I dyed my hair pink to make Wesley feel better! People were making fun of her hair color.” Emily said.
“But Wesley’s hair is black.” the Judge said.
“No, its not.”

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