Lemon Juice!

The Judge looked questioningly at Uncle James. “James Harper is your niece’s hair red?”
James frowned. “I plead the fifth.”
“Very well.” the Judge said. “I call a twenty minute recess for Wesley to prove her hair color.”
Emily looked relieved.
“Dismissed!” She banged the gavel.
We left the court room and went to find some where to wash my hair. The bathroom sink would have to do.
“Emily, I’m going to need your help. This dye is semi-permanent and I’ll never get it out by myself in twenty minutes!” I cried.
Emily nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you.”
“Is there anything we can do to help?”Nick asked.
Emily thought for a moment. “Yes! Run to the corner store and get me some shampoo and lemon juice!”
“Lemon juice?” Joe asked confused.
“There’s no time for that!”Kevin exclaimed grabbing Joe. “We have to go now!”
The boys ran off and Emily and I went into the bathroom and started to wash my hair with all the soap we could get out of the dispenser.
I just hoped the boys would make it back in time.

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