Wesley was frantically scrubbing her hair.

“It’s okay, Wes. They’ll get the lemon juice.”

“Why do we need lemon juice?!” she yelled.

“It’s an old family secret. Lemon juice gets anyting out of hair!” I yelled back.

Just, then, the boys rushed up to us, out of breath.

“Here!” Kevin shoved the bottles in my face.

I grabbed it and ran over to Wesley.

“Wash the soap out,” I ordered her.

She began rinsing her hair. As soon as most of the soap was out, I poured the shampoo on her head.


“She washed her hair as fast as she could and then rinsed it, as I began dumping the entire bottle of juice into her hair.

I helped Wes scrub her hair with the lemon juice, as the boys stood, anxiously waiting.

Slowly, the black began to fade, and the red started coming through. We washed and washed. And, eventually, the entire sink was filled with black dye, and Wesley’s hair was the bright, shining red it used to be.

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