Nirvana!! [Part 1] <convo dead challenge people with></convo>

It was around midnight, I couldn’t sleep. I picked up my bass, and started strumming a fun riff from my favorite song.

In a few minutes, my fingers were aching, so I stopped to relax a bit.

“Hey there.”

I almost jumped out of my skin at the tall, blond figure standing at my side.

“Remember me?” He said with a smile.

“K-kurt Cobain?” I said, amazed.

“You got it.” He said, and sat down next to me.

“No way, dude, your dead.” I said.

“Yep.” He said.

“B-but Mr. Cobain…how?”

“Just call me me Kurt.”

I didn’t believe half of what I was hearing, but I didn’t show it. I’m not easily surprised. We got to talking a lot. About everything.

“Man, scoliosis hurt like hell, you know that?” He said.

I nodded in a rapt trance.

“Promise me one thing, okay?” He asked once.

“Yeah? Whats that?” I asked.

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