Dreams Of Terror

I was running done a dark hallway and behind me was Rosie O’Donnell gaining on my every foot step, i had made a break for it, i had reached the exit but before i could leave the nightmarish scene. Richard Simmons comes out of no where telling me to work it come on work it. When i had that split second to notice that i was chained to the bed, i had Rosie O’Donnell beside me in a tight leather one piece suit with her nipple hanging out of it and on the other side is Dr. Phil in leather pants with a long leathering whip. I had started to scream till i had waken up in the heat of the night dripping sweat from the pours of my body!
I could not hold a breath in for a long amounts of time. I had left a little of me inside that nightmare.
I had gone to wash my face to my surprise the dream had only began.
I had spotted with my eyes that Rosie was not gone from my eyes.
Starring only from a few feet from me.
I had tried to run away as fast as i could.
But every inch i made closer to the door she was there starring.

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