D2B48C (Tan)

It felt like forever, but Sunday arrived. I showed up at the airport thirty minutes early. I arrive early at places, because I hate feeling rushed.

I had been re-reading The Room with No Doors in a chair near the passenger exit. Her flight had landed and shortly the passengers would be exiting. I started to feel nervous.

I understand we live in a desert, but why must they insist on using southwest colors here? We see enough variations of brown. Beta was acting nervous as well.

To try and settle our nerves, I started look around.

_Look, they sell flowers over. You should pick some up for her.”

“I don’t want to scare her off right away.”

You still are going to ask her out right? Talking about what was going to happen started to help put us at ease.

“I will, after I drop her off. If I’m going to scare her off, might as be when she doesn’t have far to run to.”

The passengers started to exit from her flight, I stood up. I started to look for her, then I saw her. My heart started to race even more.

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