All About the Red Stilettos

Meredith thanked her lucky stars. The work week was finally coming to an end. She closed her email, slipped her feet back into her red Stilettos, took one last sip of her now-cold peppermint tea and tossed the cup into the garbage underneath her desk. “See you tomorrow, Mandy,” she said with a wink, grabbing her handbag and grey pea coat.

She inhaled as soon as she stepped foot outside. It had been raining– that mix of moisture and spring freshness apparent in the air. Taking a second to compose herself, she smoothed the fabric of her black pencil skirt and adjusted her silk sky blue camisole to lie perfectly over her voluptuous breasts. Yes. It was another day to be grateful for the push-up bra. She glanced down at her watch. 5:03 p.m. “Damn,” she thought, “It’s gonna be close.”

This time she set a new record. Home in seven minutes flat. Caught all the green lights. Perfect. The front door was open, shoes off, less than 30 seconds after she pulled in to the driveway.

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