NEJA: The Weapons

The comet landed just feet from them with a deafening thud. A thick, purpleish liquid erupted from a smallish hole where Alex had gotten the bright idea to poke it. Nichole was playing with a clacker until the goo covered both her and it.

“Ew! Gross!” she yelled, attempting to take the goo off which had solidified into a latex-like substance. While she was peeling it off, one of the ball things fell off of her clacker and the other one became spiky, the string turning into a chain, and the entire thing growing until she was no longer holding a clacker, but a mace.

“Cool,” she muttered. Josh had been eating Peeps he’d found in his freezer when the goo hit him. He screamed and threw the Peeps into the water. Starting to peel off the now rubbery goo, he pulled out a paper throwing star he had made in class. It became metal and burst into flames, not burning him, however. He smiled in fascination.

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