One Vampire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.2

Finally he seemed to get the message, he walked slowly backwards, back into the woods. Turning he ran, I let myself return to just a wolf.

I made my way slowly to the porch, my eyes down knowing my mother would be very angry at me for being late to dinner. When I reached the porch I pried one floorboard up, supporting it with my should I grabbed the plastic bag hidden beneath. Letting it drop I slid into the woods again and returned to my human form, dressing quickly.

“Myra Ann Calmedge! Where were you?” My mother stormed as I entered through the back door. “Chill mom I’m here now, besides I was studying at the library.” I lied, my parents had no idea that I was a werewolf and I didn’t plan on telling them today either. “And you didn’t even think to call.” She was a little calmer now that she knew I had been studying. “No mom, I’m sorry your right, I promise I’ll call next time. With that said my mother didn’t say anything else and walked quickly out of the room, probably to talk to my dad.

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