You're Lucky

My eyes were closed as I prepared to touch the magic I needed. Magic without a spellbook was harder because when you usually had words to direct the flow you had only the force of your will. I finally thought I had it and was about to release the power I needed when Tristan burst into the room.

“You did it!â€? When all I did was stare at him he pointed to the window, his grin turning into a bemused frown, “It’s back to normal. You did do it…right?â€? I was so confused I couldn’t even enjoy Tristan being so out of it. As I looked out my window, sure enough, everything was pristine. I turned to Tristan with my mouth soundlessly opening and closing: I couldn’t find words to express how I felt. I knew I hadn’t done magic. So, who had?

“Right,â€? Tristan’s shaky voice brought me down from the clouds, “I need you to tell me exactly what you did.â€?

“Well,â€? I slowly began, “First, I found the magic. Then, I concentrated on the earth’s being-â€? Tristan collapsed onto my bed again, looking relieved.

“You’re lucky.â€?

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