Alone and Afraid

Sora sat huddled in the corner of a dark room; of course, she didn’t know it was dark, but she knew she was alone. Sora put her hands around her knees and let her hair cascade over her shoulders and knees.

She took a deep breath, just like her doctor had told her.

>< Flashback ><

“Doctor, what is wrong with my daughter?” Sora’s adoptive mother had a firm grip on her daughter’s shoulders. They were in a modern office; the smell of the brand new leather chair still tickled Sora’s nostrils. The doctor swerved smoothly around on his rotating chair and calmly explained.
“It seems that little Sora here has developed something known as ‘Isolophobia’,” the doctor put his hands together and pushed his glasses higher on the bridge of his nose.
“What’s that?” her mother asked.
“Extreme fear of being left alone,” the doctor lightly noted, stealing a glance at the child, with her milky blue eyes staring out into space.

“Was your daughter ever abused…or left alone? Betrayed, perhaps?”

Oh, the ways to answer that.

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