The Dark Forest

She looked at the dark and misty forest all around her and fell to her knees. She couldn’t keep walking like this. Her long blue dress was torn and her leg was bleeding. She was absolutely exhausted and covered in dirt from her many falls. Suddenly out of the dark she heard a low moan.
“Who’s there?” Her small frightened voice echoed in the silent woods. Then she heard the moan again. “Please! Tell me who you are!” She pleaded. This time the moaning voice formed words.
“Stop wandering. The forest wont let you out. My children are coming to get you. My children will not be merciful.”
She gasped as she got to her feet and ran.
“Run all you want. My children will catch you.”
Tears made clean streeks on her dirty face. Her silk-shoed feet slid on the loose leaves covering the forest floor. She ran and as she ran moaning voices surrounded her, crowding in. She stubbled on branches in the mist, blinded by the dark and her fear. Suddenly a rough hand grabbed her.
“Don’t worry, you’re safe with me”.

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