One Vampire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.3

I walked into my room and flicked the light on tossing my bag on the floor. “Hey girlie!” I jumped, there on my bed sat my BFF Angie. “You know there is such a thing as a phone!” I said sarcasticlly, going over to sit by her. “So I heard you almost got caught,nice move.” It was Angie’s turn to be sarcastic. “Well you’ll be the next one to get me caught, you can’t just pop in through my window whenever you feel like.” I looked at her angelic face and saw the dark circles under her eyes. her dark brown hair fell beautifully to her shoulders, her emerald eyes were intense.

“Your right but I had to talk to you.” She said evenly, bouncing lightly on the bed. “Couldn’t you do it when your not so thirsty?” I asked noting the dark circles with an up raised finger. “I promise I’ll go hunting right after this, but this was important!” Her raised voice got my attention. “What is it?” I asked, now more interested. “A new kids coming to school!” Her voice was in an upper octave. “So what?” I asked. “He’s a vampire!”

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