...And What Do We have

“And, yes I really do control this dragon.”

Noises of belching flame, screaming people and the crunch of goat bones came from the direction of the Dragon’s mouth.

“Well, most of the time,” she amended. A wagon was crushed beneath Lionel’s claws.


“A lot of the time.” A house caught fire.

“A lot?”

“Some of the time.” The crystal cracked again, nearly splitting in two.


“Not a lot of the time.” Sounds of the city populace fleeing and the army gathering.

“Not a lot?”

“Well, lately, hardly ever.”

“You do realize that was your fifth amendment?” Sir Ronald said as the dragonhome began to crumble.

“Oh, yes,” Cindy agreed, using the last of the crystal’s powers to take them outside. “And I’m going to plead them. Help me!”

“Oh, there you are,” Lionel said, bringing his huge eyes level to Cindy’s. “You know I haven’t had this much indigestion since I ate that Gaspard chap.”

“Gaspard?” Cindy asked.

“Oh, he tried some fool trick meant to control me. Poor guy.”

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