Back home-They're all back.

Larry leaves her to sit by herself and settle down.

Andrea’s phone rings.
There’s an awkward silence.

“That was strange” Andrea whispers to herself.

Her phone rings again but this time she doesn’t say anything when she picks it up.

“Hey Andrea, this is Lucas, i need to talk to you. It’s urgent, and i don’t know where to find you right now, i heard about what happened from Krissy.I was hesitatant about calling you because you said you wanted to take it slow”
He hangs up before she can say anything.
She calls him back “Lucas?”
“Hey Andrea, i’m sorry about that message i left you.”
“it’s okay but tell me what is it that you have to say”
“umm..I know you said you wanna take things slow but i need!”

“Well tell me, what’s wrong?”
“J-Jenna’s back!”
“Jenna? Jade’s sister?”
“Yeah.. She’s back and i don’t know what to do”
She can hear his voice breaking.
“I thought she moved away with her family?”
“She did but now she’s back , they’re all back!”

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