High school days-The Reunion

They all lived near each other, maybe that’s why they were the best of friends.
All of them; Petey, Gabby, Don, Robert, Moe, Hailey, jenny, and Mackenzie, had different ties to each other, but the overall picture was all of them being best friends.

But now it’s 20 years later, at their high school reunion.
“Oh my God, Gabrielle Aldridge?” One of the women yelled.
“Yeah, and you are…?” Gabrielle questioned.
“It’s me Jenny, you don’t remember me?”
“Ohh Jenny, oh my God, you look very different. Sal, this is Jenny, she was my best friend in High school” She says pointing to Jenny. “Jenny, this is sal, my husband”. Jenny’s face was suddenly flushed. “Your husband?” “Yeah, what about you, did you get married?”. “Divorced.”
Gabrielle turned around and it seemed like time had stopped. There he was. Her high school boyfriend, Mike Robinson.

“Oh my God he is so hot, i can’t believe he asked me out!!” Gabby said.
“I know i’m still in shock” Don replied, rolling his eyes.

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