High School days-Confusion

Gabby had been crushing on Mike since the 6th grade, and her dream had finally come true, 5 years later.

Petey seemed disappointed with all this, he secretly had a crush on her. Only Don knew of this crush.
He took a glance at Don to see the look on his face.Don mouthed the words It will be okay.

Later,They were all sitting in Robert’s backyard.
“Can i talk to you in private, Gabby” Petey said
Everyone stared at him in shock.
“Dude, about what?” Moe said, being nosy.
“Sure” Said gabby.
He led her inside to the kitchen in the house
“so what do you wanna talk about?” Gabby said curiously
He didn’t say anything for a while then he leaned in, as if he was asking for permission to kiss her. She let him and she kissed him back, they were interrupted by Robert walking in to get the iced tea. Thankfully, he didn’t see the kiss

“This never happened, ok?” Gabby said confused with what had just happened “ummm…ok?” Petey stood there, looked at Robert, shrugged then followed her back out.

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