Event Planning.

Having said that, finding a party planner willing to spend over six months in space getting it organized was another thing.

Finally, Harry swung a deal with an up and coming party designer (one whose latest drug addiction had become tv news) who accepted it as a way of escaping his problems and, incidentally, a huge paternity suit. Thrown in to that the fact Harry had managed a huge HGTV contract for the planning and the man had practically swooned at the chance.

Even if it did mean living on a derelict death trap three weeks from any hope of rescue, for six months.

I suspect Harry made sure the man’s addiction was well catered to as well.

But still, after five months of preparation, even I could feel some glimmer of excitement over the event. The space band and singers were all booked. The food and drinks provided by an intricate apparatus within the suits themselves, along with special toilet facilities.

I’m left wondering, though, how the playboy bunny girls and the strippers worked.

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