High School days- Awkward

“s-So what’s everyone talking about” Gabby says, followed by an awkward silence.

Don turns around to face her as she walks out of the house. “Better yet, what were you guys talking about?”

“Uhh nothing.” Gabby says as she takes a seat next to Jenny.
Petey walks out of the house and Robert followed. “I’ve got the iced tea” Robert says.
“So what was going on in there, Rob. Did you hear what these two were talking about” Don said pointing to both Gabby and Petey.

Petey looked over at her, but she was trying her best not to look at him, thinking that if she did, everyone would find out.

“Anyways, so what are you gonna wear for your first date with Mike?” Hailey said, trying to get past this silence

“Oh I’ve got the perfect outfit for you to wear. You know that top we bought the other day?” Jenny said
“yeah..sure” Gabby said as she looked away, uninterested
Hailey grabbed Gabby by the hand and went into the house as Jenny followed
“what’s going on, you look like you’ve done something wrong?”

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