And back home!

I knew it was a bad idea when he decided to paint my portrait with Mayonnaise. I mean, what does that mean? Crazy, right? I hate to confuse you, but that’s what happens when you enter the world of Amrean. There are lots and lots of people who want to paint pictures of you using the strangest materials. In Amrean you’re thought of as insane if 1) you don’t own a pet monkey (mine was named Sean) and 2) if you happen to like orange flavored ice cream. Apparently if you are inflicted with either of these bizareities having your picture painted with mayonnaise would fix it. However I wasn’t told that random police officers would start to chase me after they were shown my amazingly painted mayonnaise portrait.
I dashed past a purple mail box and tugged on Sean’s leash and then I saw it, what I had been looking for ever since I got myself stuck in this world. The orange scoop of ice cream! I jumped on top of it and found myself back to where I had come from.
They would get fired but at least life went on for them.

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