Via I-M (16)

Wishiwsbrnin1916: He’s not even denying it

Royalbeauty: You promised!

Wishiwsbrnin1916: What?

Royalbeauty: You promised you wouldn’t tell him i told could you?!

Wishiwsbrnin1916: I didn’t tell him it was you

Royalbeauty: Yeah nice try. That’s why he just said i was low and that i was trying to get payback.

Wishiwsbrnin1916: I swear i didn’t tell him.He probably just figured.

Wishiwsbrnin1916: OMG ! He just asked me if i wanted to break up…

Royalbeauty: Well do you?

Wishiwsbrnin1916: Of course not. but i don’t wanna sound like i’m just gonna let this go.

Royalbeauty: Listen, I have to go. I’ll be back on later so fill me in.

Wishiwsbrnin1916: You’re just gonna leave me?

Royalbeauty: I’m a little pissed off right now. So i’m gonna go.

Wishiwsbrnin1916: Pissed off or not, you don’t just leave your friends in their time of need!

Royalbeauty: Too bad, I gotta go. And u know what, like i said..i’ll be back on later but don’t even bother i-ming cause i wont reply.

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