"Tell me why, Suzanne."

“Because, with great misfortune, us women folk have no control over who we are attracted to and go gaga over,” she said as she poured me another shot.

I slammed it back, trying not to grimace at the bitterness. “Fuck,” I said, unsure of whether I was reacting to the taste or the words that had been offered to me. (Not that it mattered; neither was particularly soothing.)

Suzanne reached across the counter. She placed her hand over mine. “It’s a pity, sweetie, but something that you’re going to need to learn to live with. You can’t hide in this coffee shop forever, you know.”

“Make the next a triple.”

Her eyes burned into my skin. I felt them before I saw them. The look was insistent, demanding.


It was simple, really. Caffeine was my drug of choice. My whole life was falling apart. Hell, I was falling apart. My heart hurt. I wasn’t the type to go for the depressants like alcohol. That never made sense to me. I needed a distraction and quick. Never mind that my hands were shaking already…

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