A game of Masqarade

Don’t mess with me. I’m a Demon.
Sparrow Winters felt like it was plastered everywhere.Like there were posters on the grimy walls of the highscool screaming it out to the world.
“What a suprise to see you here, Sparrow.”
Sean. Anger ripped through her like a tornado. Her eyes turned hard and cold, ready to kill.
Shooting up at him, they pierced him through, but he didn’t even flinch.
What a shame.
“Darron’s getting a little impatient,” snaking up behind her, he begins to whisper in her ear,”soon, everyone will know your little secret. He doesn’t forgive so easily.”
The locker door slams into the frame so loudly, she’s suprised no one noticed. Looking around, she sees that he’s frozen them all, like lifeless toy maniquins.
“Why don’t you just run back to him then, hmm? Go on, run like the little pet Monkey you are.”
“Amusing, but your sour additude won’t save you, Sparrow.”
Suddenly he was gone and everything seemed normal again.
Sparrow looked around bitterly.
At least life went on for them.

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