Breaking the Ice

Did she really have to look that good? I tried to act detach as she reached to hug me. That sweet purfume that Andrew bought her lingered in her hair. How soon would she stop wearing it?
“Hey Sam,” I said, pulling her into a hug. “How you holding up?”
“Fine now,” she whispered looking up into my eyes. Was she seriously checking me out? I didn’t feel a bit guilty that I found pleasure out of my ex best friend’s gal.
“Your looking good,” I replied, pushing some of her golden locks out of her face. I tucked the strand behind her ear, letting my hand linger by her face. Her skin was so flawlessly smooth, and I loved being able to touch her. She let herself slightly lean into his hand, then caught herself and pulled away.
She was breaking. Only a little bit longer and she would give in completely to him. He couldn’t wait for that moment.
“Oh, Jacob.” She turned her eyes down to the floor. I pulled my hand back, not wanting to risk her rejecting me.

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