I wish he didn’t move his hand away. He likes me! So that’s what he has been thinking all this time. Maybe I sould ask him out? Should I? No! Yes! No!

When I reached my house, after coffee, I decided that I needed to talk to one of my girlfriends about this. I picked up my phone and started to dial Zoe’s number. I knew if off by heart. Just then the phone rang.

“Hello!” I saw the caller ID, it was Jacob. Yes! I love talking to him.

“Hey Sam, about our ummm, ‘moment’ earlier. I hope that didn’t freak you out or anything. Did it?” He sounded so apologetic.

“No, hell no! I enjoyed that… Why? Are you okay with it?”

“Yeah. Uh, Sam? There is something I have been meaning to ask you. Can I meet you at the Mandarin on Garden Avenue and Clear?” I said yes and hung up.

I hope this is going to turn out for the best. He is so adorable, but dating your dead boyfriend’s best friend is a bit weird, right?

Whatever, going back to Andrew, I really want to find out who killed him and kick their ass!

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