Never Explain's Building Challenge!!

I’ve always been interested in architecture. I love to go to a city and see the amazing buildings that have been erected.

My one problem is that I’m horrible wit challenges. So much so the THX might as well crown me the king of creating the most unoriginal challenges I’m horrible at it.

Well…back to the subject at hand: Buildings can have such a visual impact on us (see inspirational picture). It’s the kind of thing that would stick in your mind. Whether it is the shape of the building, the lights, the purpose to serves, why it has built, and a lot of other things.

Now, that being said, your challenge is:

Write any amount of ficlets about a building of any kind.


1) You must describe the building well.

2) You must write about a prime element (any of those elements represented in line 3-5 on the 3th paragraph)

3) The building you write about must be of your own creation.

4) The place your building is located in cannot be in a real place. The setting is of your own creation.


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