Via I-M (18)

Wishiwsbrnin1916: You know that’s not true. But just tell me please. Is it true?

Kmartluvr: Yeah you know what, it is true. I was flirting with her this morning.

Wishiwsbrnin1916:but why..?

Kmartluvr: Because i’m getting tired of this “i can’t go out with you, my parents won’t let me”...all this drama. I can’t handle it

Wishiwsbrnin1916: Drama?

Kmartluvr: You don’t realize that ever since we started going out, you and I only went out together once. I mean I should be able to see you everyday and i don’t mean see you randomly at school just like i see everyone else. Do you realize we haven’t even kissed?

Wishiwsbrnin1916:Oh so that’s the issue. You want to hook up with someone.

Kmartluvr: Not just someone, my girlfriend which was you.

Wishiwsbrnin1916: was?

Kmartluvr: I

Wishiwsbrnin1916:No you said “was” that’s it?

Kmartluvr:...I guess so

Wishiwsbrnin1916: Don’t guess! It is OVER!

Kmartluvr: Alright so i guess that’s that.

Wishiwsbrnin1916: yeah bye.

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