Outside My Window

The world outside my window assaults my senses as I gaze upon it.
The sky is the brightest blue, like a husky’s eyes gazing upon its master returned home from a long trip. The pure white clouds look like the softest fluff of a baby bunny just waiting for you to snuggle into it. The sun shines, as if God, the angels, and all the dearly departed are smiling at once down upon me. I close my eyes and soak in the warmth it provides like a favorite coat wrapped around me. The trees stand strong like a soldier on the front lines, but still they know enough to sway a little with the breeze when the time comes. The leaves stand out in their brilliant green as if the trees were wearing fluorescent green shirts. The grass follows along with the color scheme, springing up just as bright as the leaves. It’s as if a skirt lays fanned out waiting for the trees to step into it and pull it up.
I sigh, wishing I could be out in the splendor that entices me.

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