Between Judge And Lawyer

We re-entered the courtroom. James’ lawyer looked shocked.

“Well,” said the judge, as we all took our seats, “it seems that Miss Robin was telling the truth. She does indeed have red hair. That would also make Miss Rice’s reasoning as to why she dyed her hair pink true. And, going back to the statement Miss Rice made about not judging character based on hair color, that issue is settled.”

James’ lawyer did not protest.

“Now,” the judge continued, “both Mr. and Mrs. Jonas seem fit to take care of a girl such as Wesley Robin. They have no criminal records whatsoever.”

“Your honor,” the lawyer interrupted, “may I say once again that a life of fame such as the one the Jonas family leads, can be socially and mentally destructive.”

“By that,” the judge told him,”do you mean Joseph, Nicholas and Kevin are mentally corrupt? Because I disagree. Their lifestyle puts them in no present danger. As to any other problems caused by fame, we cannot make assumptions based on occurences in other families.”

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